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Lo, Adeline, Jonathan Renshon and Lotem Bassan-Nygate (2023). “A Practical Guide to Dealing with Attrition in Experiments",  Journal of Experimental Political Science. Forthcoming.

[Replication files] [attritevis R package] 

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Gadi Heimann (2022). “Dealing with Guilt and Shame in International Politics", International Relations. doi:00471178221086147.


Haftel, Yoram Z., Soo Yeon Kim, & Lotem Bassan-Nygate (2021). “High-Income Developing Countries, FDI Outflows and the International Investment Agreement Regime", World Trade Review, 1-17. doi:10.1017/S1474745621000434


Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Chagai M. Weiss (2021). "Party Competition and Cooperation Shape Affective Polarization: Evidence from Natural and Survey Experiments in Israel". Comparative Political Studies. doi:10.1177/00104140211024283

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Other Writings

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Chagai M. Weiss. "Zulat's Human Rights Index". February 2021. [Index]

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem. "My Heart is in the West: Formation of Western Identity in Israel around the Korean War". Politika, 30: 40-61, 2021. [Paper] (in Hebrew)

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Chagai M. Weiss. "It's Us or Them: Partisan Polarization in Israel and Beyond". APSA MENA Political Newsletter, Spring 2020. [Paper]

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem & Chagai M. Weiss. "Israel is voting -- for the third time in a year. That's polarizing voters even more". Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 2020. [Article]

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem. "From Reagan to Trump", Haaretz, 2016. (In Hebrew) [Article]

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