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Under Review

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem. "How Does Shaming Human Rights Violators Shape Attitudes at Home?"

[Study I pre-analysis plan, Study II pre-analysis plan]

Buzas, Zoltan and Lotem Bassan-Nygate. “How Racial Rhetoric Shapes Human Rights Shaming and Countershaming". [Pre-analysis plan]

Lo, Adeline, Jonathan Renshon and Lotem Bassan-Nygate. “Praise from Peers Promotes Empathetic Behavior".


In Preperation

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem, Jonathan Renshon, Jessica Weeks, and Chagai Weiss. “The Generalizability of IR Experiments beyond the U.S."

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem. “The External Validity of Naming and Shaming"

Bassan-Nygate, Lotem. “Reputation, not Deterrence: Third-party Reactions to Foreign Criticism"

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